Reasons to travel to Malaysia

It turns out that even Arab sheikhs sometimes need a vacation – the desire to change the situation is not alien to them. Where do people who prefer only the best to rest go?

According to travel companies, one of the most popular destinations is Malaysia. Journey to this country gives a lot of impressions, excellent service, a variety of entertainment – the choice of sheikhs can be trusted!

In our country tours to Malaysia are becoming more and more popular, thanks to the fact that not only the rich can afford to stay here: there are many hotels of different stars at the resorts, and the rooms in the “five” are cheaper than in many other Asian countries.

This is not the only advantage. We have made a list of features of Malaysia, which makes the country one of the most promising areas of Russian tourism.

Perfect climate and rich nature

Come to Malaysia in summer, autumn, winter, spring – whenever you want! Temperatures in this tropical paradise remain at +25-30°C throughout the year. The biggest influx of tourists is between March and September, but even in November and January it only gets cold to +26°C.

Such conditions are the ideal environment for a mass of amazing animals and plants. Here are white beaches, clear waters protected from waves and currents of the ocean by coral islands, green forests. The main national park of the country, Taman Negara, has become known for its wet forests, untouched by man.

Tourists come here not only to take a walk in the jungle, but also to fish: about 200 species of fish live in local waters. Malaysia is called the “country of reserves”, as there are a lot of them here: Timilar Forest Reserve, Johor Marine Reserve, Gunung Mulu, Bako, Kinabalu National Parks, Palau Redang Sea Turtle Reserve and others.

In total, according to biologists, Malaysia is home to about 20% of all animal species found in the world.

The country is very fond of holidays.

Malaysians spend a lot of carnivals, festivals and celebrations throughout the year.

The most important ones are Independence Day (August 31), Malaysia Day (September 16), Labor Day (May 1), King’s Birthday (the first week of June). In addition to national holidays, there are many dates associated with a particular religion: Islamic, Buddhist, Christian, Hindu and Taoist holidays.

Whenever you come to the country, the chances to admire the solemn and colorful processions in honor of this or that event, as well as to take part in performances, fairs, lunches are very great.

Malaysians are tolerant of all religions and customs

The free and extensive celebration of religious events is a clear indication that Malaysia is a country that favours all religions. Unlike trips to, say, the UAE and Turkey, tourists do not have to worry too much about local traditions and customs – everything is not so strict and harsh here.

Some features you still need to know, but there are few: don’t give your left hand and don’t take the food, it’s considered dirty; never stroke anyone’s head; don’t refuse the drinks offered by the host if you come to visit.

Malaysians are very superstitious, and their interest in numerology is particularly interesting. For example, when a high-speed electric train was launched from Kuala Lumpur to the airport, which covered 70 kilometers in 28 minutes, the advertising campaign placed special emphasis on the fact that 2 and 8 are happy numbers.

Another story is related to the construction of a TV tower in the capital. According to the project, it should have been 20 meters to the left, but it turned out that then it would have been necessary to uproot a tree sacred to Buddhists.

The authorities made concessions and moved the construction. In addition, it is believed that the number of floors in the twin towers of Petronas Towers is not accidental – there are 88, and 8, as we already know, is a happy number.

Russians feel comfortable in Malaysia

Citizens of the Russian Federation do not need a visa to travel to Malaysia for up to 30 days, provided that the passport must be valid for at least 6 months after the end of the trip.

Malaysians are very friendly and responsive. In addition, in a country where tourism is ranked third in the economy, travelers are very attentive. There are no strict restrictions like in other Islamic countries. Russians are not singled out in any way.

Malaysia is one of the safest countries for travelers in Southeast Asia. It is quite free to walk in the evenings (crime in the country is not high), buy food from street vendors, however, still observing basic precautions.

There are possibilities for different recreation here: beach, cultural, ecological.

Malaysia is not only white beaches and clear water, but also interesting sights – there will be no monotonous rest.

In Kota Kinabalu, the capital of the state of Sabah, for example, you can visit a huge mosque, which can simultaneously accommodate 5,000 people. There is also a museum in the city, where a very beautiful collection of jewelry is presented. The Sabah Foundation Building, a 31-storey building that resembles a glass with 72 facets, will not go unnoticed.

Be sure to visit the island of Pangkor, whose name translates as “beautiful island”. On its territory there is one of the most picturesque beaches of Malaysia – Pantay Puteri Devi (“the beach of the beloved princess”). There are also many ancient temples and other architectural monuments on the island.

The most popular resort of the country is Langkawi archipelago, which includes 99 islands. There are no historical monuments here, but there is the world-famous Aquarium “Underwater World”, the largest in Southeast Asia.

There are more than 5,000 fish, many corals, crabs and other representatives of the river and sea depths. Besides, the island has the largest crocodile farm in Malaysia – more than 1000 alligators.

Near Langkawi is the island of Pulau Diang Bunting, which is known for its Lake Pregnant Woman. According to the belief, its waters can save from infertility.

It is simply impossible to list the sights of all the resorts in Malaysia, but perhaps the most famous are in its capital, Kuala Lumpur.

For example, here you will see the twin towers of Petronas, whose height is 452 meters, as well as the television tower Menara B, which is considered the fourth highest in the world among such structures.

The combination of the incongruent

The capital city of Kuala Lumpur is a vivid example of not only economic miracle, but also cultural miracle. It is a city where the mismatching is combined: the world’s largest metropolis is buried in tropical greenery, huge skyscrapers neighboring bungalows, and many shopping malls selling local craftsmen’s products.

Buddhist monks and informal youth groups can be found on the street, both of which are very friendly – freedom of thought and belief is preached in the country.

Kuala Lumpur is different from other Malaysian resorts in that it has a vibrant nightlife and plenty of entertainment: bars, restaurants, clubs and karaoke. On the islands of the country rest more measured and quiet, but the capital is a suitable place for fans of fun.

Opportunities for active recreation: diving, yachting, mountaineering, speleotourism

Diving tours to Malaysia are extremely popular. Tiomah Island is included in the top ten most beautiful and cleanest islands in the world. The coastal waters here are transparent, and at the bottom of the sea are the wrecks of ships that explore the divers.

Australian, American ships that sank during the Second World War, can be viewed off the coast of Labuan Island, a marine reserve in the South China Sea.

Mecca for divers is called Sipadan Island. At 15 meters away is the limestone slab, which serves as the basis for the island and breaks 2,000 feet deep. Visibility under water is 20-60 meters. Local attractions include hanging algae gardens, barracuda point, turtle caves.

Sport is actively developing not only under but above water: yachting is very popular in Malaysia. Besides, the largest sailing competitions are held here, for example, the international regatta Raja Muda.

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