Travel arrangements or corporate travel services

On New Year’s Eve business processes of any company are characterized by paradoxicality. On the one hand, the issues are solved uniquely soon – everyone wants to finish as much as possible in the last days of the year.

On the other hand, from time to time it seems that the business activity stops, reduced to exchange and mutual congratulations of VIP gifts. The brave man of the national history became a hostage of the following New Year’s Eve situation

“I wasn’t worried about business trips under any circumstances. I rarely go myself – it’s hard for me to leave the business (it’s an easy manic habit for me to control everything). Employees somehow coped, or the secretary helped them, in general, it seemed that there was no trouble.

And here I immediately came in handy through Beijing to remote areas of China on business. And on the very New Year’s Eve. I was upset, and my wife was glad.

He and his son had already planned their Christmas holidays in the distant past (as in most cases, without me), and it was possible to meet here – I just had to go from China to Thailand (Phuket), where we would have met, celebrated the holidays and spent seven days together.

I asked the secretary to order me tickets, and the driver was puzzled to buy them out. The driver got to the ticket office more quickly than my assistant called me.

I go out angry in the waiting room, and she has covered herself with papers, phones and swearing in two tubes. He “insistently asked” her to come to his house.

She learns that there are no tickets to Beijing. There is a correct one, but the price list in that place I am, of course, a wealthy man, but I just can’t solve such nonsense. Tickets are available for domestic flights, and from China to Thailand as well.

But to fly away from Khabarovsk is zero opportunity. I’m calling the usual one from the ticket office – I ask for help – we would be glad to have nothing to do with it. Tourists bought all the tickets, their mother Helped their spouse, found some girlfriend in the travel agency, she bought out his own travel agency blocks of places to get me a ticket to Beijing.

To declare that I was shocked by all this fuss is to say nothing. Upon my return in January, I was already looking at corporate travel packages.

Now, of course, the ergonomics have become more ergonomic. Besides, in case of some fare-dodging nonsense – I just don’t know about it anymore”.

Working tourism in the Russian Federation as a special field of tourism services is a recent phenomenon. It all started with the organized sale of tickets to firms in the first half of the 90s of the twentieth century.

At the moment, working tourism is a familiar thing for our country, despite the fact that many people are still confused in terms of business travel, incentive and mice – synonymous. This is indeed a phenomenon of the same order: Workplace tourism is an area where tools such as mice and business travel are in place.

The latter is the most common and in demand. In fact, the brave man of national history came after him. For him, a travel agency organized corporate services for the company – providing air and rail tickets, booking hotels, obtaining visas, etc.

Business Travel – service of business trips, the content of which is not included in the area of responsibility of the organizing agency, it is a standardized activity that involves clear actions and regular transparent reporting. MICE, on the contrary, is a fully individualized area.

The abbreviation stands for Meeting, Incentive, Corporate, Events and refers to the industry of meetings – stimulating, motivational corporate travel.

Thus, working tourism provides both business visits of the company’s employees and organization of event tourism (visiting exhibitions, team building, etc.).

What specific tasks can be solved with the help of corporate tourism services?

  • Providing top managers with business trips (field talks and business meetings, inspections, answering questions from regional firms, etc.).
  • Organization of field conferences and meetings in subsidiary and regional divisions of the enterprise (group business trip).
  • Maintenance of business trips of employees of an average link (seminars and exit trainings, visiting of exhibitions).
  • Organization of incentive events (field team building and other team building events).

What a competent travel agency will do for you:

  • You will be asked to make some company deposit (from time to time to time to pay for tickets or hotel reservation is necessary immediately, without waiting until the client company approves the payment).
  • You will be able to book all types of tickets (air and rail) for all types of flights (domestic and international) at successful rates, organize transfers.
  • You will be booked at any hotel in the Russian Federation and abroad.
  • They will provide visa assistance, consultations on visa issues, courier services when drawing up documents.
  • They will draw up or assist in the preparation of the second necessary documents: medical insurance, work permits, invitations, etc.
  • A whole complex of MICE-tourism will be offered.
  • They will present a full report on the funds spent and advise on cost optimization.

The system approach in the organisation of traveling process without jokes saves your means and supplies the not specialised efficiency of all business process. Due to the fact that any of its participants is engaged in its business.

For you the picture of business trip activity of the company will become clear and understandable. And maybe, it will advise you on new ways and means of its regulation. But, it is already questions of the second directions of business tourism, the given article we have only touched upon a volume corporate-tourist theme.

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